The Lords Of Altamont

Lords of Altamont
It’s been over a decade since the Lords Of Altamont ferociously emerged from the depths of the Los Angeles garage scene. Evoking the feeling of psychedelic influenced, 60’s biker mayhem, their collective black hair, greasy boot-cut jeans, and custom denim jackets have always given them a “we’ve come for your daughters” presence, but it’s their ultra cool delivery of loud, steady, garage punk that has set them apart from the pack.

Several personnel changes later, Jake ‘The Preacher’ Cavaliere, Shawn ‘Sonic’ Medina, John ‘Big Drag’ Saletra, plus new addition Harry ‘Full Tilt’ Drumdini (formerly of punk legends The Cramps) return with the perfect lineup and an equally perfect third record – ‘Midnight To 666’.

With the volume relentlessly cranked from start to finish, The Lords create an almighty, raw racket over 12 roaring tracks. Songs like ‘Soul For Sale’ and gloriously raucous album closer ‘Action Women’ further highlight this bands ability to weld blistering fuzz-soul with catchy, hook-laden melodies.

This letter from MC5 bassist Michael Davis to The Lords Of Altamont’s ‘Preacher’ Jake Cavaliere says it all, and more:

“Dear Jake,

What can I say? You finally went and did it; you created the toughest, tightest, balls-to-the-wall Lords of Altamont sound there has ever been. It takes much moving the pieces and many shots in the dark, many years of punching the lights out of the sky and reaching for the moon. But you never give up because you know you’ve got the real deal, and that ace got dealt to you.

‘Midnight to 666’ has all come together just like a perfect rat rail. I’m proud of you for hanging tough, sticking with the mission, and for hitting the home run. Having the rock solid partner Sean “Sonic” Medina always in the mix, whether slashing away on guitar or pounding the floor on bass, has kept you fixed on your goal through all the weird things that a band goes through. Sweeping John “Big Drag” Saletra into the fold must give you the proudest feeling when you remember all the soldiers that have stood in that honored spot. And, the coup of coups is the addition of Harry “Full Tilt” Drumdini, formerly of the incomparable Cramps, smashing and bashing the skins.

What a lineup! Jake, you and that monumentally surreal Farfisa, your take-it-in-the-face vocals, and your eternal crusade to bring the gob-smacking energy of true spirit rock and roll and its timeless incredible raw style, it’s at it’s peak brother. On this record you done kicked ‘em out. Let the jams roll on.

Michael Davis (MC5)
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